Help us continue to empower women.

It brings us great joy to announce the ARC Annual Giving Campaign, “Stride to Thrive- Wellness for ALL women through running,” aimed at raising funds to continue to help every woman harness her runner within in order to experience the life-changing physical and mental health benefits running offers.

ARC Active Resolute Connected is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of breaking barriers of race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status and perceived ability to empower women through running. ARC’s dynamic team of 50 plus strong, diverse women share the belief that every woman (regardless of shape, size, color, and ability) has a place in the running community because running enhances not only physical health but improves vital aspects of mental health, enabling women to be more resilient, confident, and successful. ARC also focuses on increasing self-love by promoting behaviors which foster a woman’s high regard for her own well-being and happiness. 

Our past and current participants’ stories convey the incredible outcomes from our programming.  We invite you to learn more as we feature some of the many amazing stories from ARC participants on our social media platforms throughout the campaign, which kicks off the last week of May (Women’s Health Month) and will run through June 25, 2021. 

Our goal is to raise funds to support a “Stride to Thrive” future cohort of 10-15 women who will benefit from our programming. ARC specifically plans to continue our outreach to minorities, women who are facing postpartum depression and other types of depression, women who strive to remain sober and former foster youth women.

Every dollar we raise goes directly towards empowering women in ways they never expected.

How you can help today.

The tremendous impact of our programming, as indicated by past participants, lies in helping women make strides in their running journey in order to thrive in their lives. If you are able to financially support our mission, we would be so grateful. We specifically ask that you consider becoming a monthly donor.

Monthly Donor: $25   

Monthly Donor: $50

Monthly Donor:$100