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Support Denise in her runnning journey through ARC.

Denise Sharperson, Morristown, New Jersey

I started running in my 40’s (I'm now almost 52) to inspire my 4 kids to engage in physical activity, but I ended up inspiring myself by running consistently over the past 8 years. I fell in love with the sport and kept challenging myself to do different races. It has been a financial strain to afford race fees, great running gear including all weather and terrain wear but I often volunteer to work at races to earn a spot or fundraise or sign up for crazy challengers like running every day for two weeks. I would really like to become a stronger and faster runner and I believe that I would benefit tremendously from your eight week program. I am also hopeful to experience improved stress management, weight management, prevention of diabetes/improved glucose regulation, improved resiliency, reduced cholesterol and increased energy. I am 52 years old and would love to keep running races for at least the next two decades.

Support TaReesa in her runnning journey through ARC.

Tareesa Saunders, Tumwater, WA

I am so honored to be considered for the Direct Donation Campaign. I’ve always wanted to be a runner. For me it defines strength. I’m going through a divorce and running withe the ARC program will continue to allow me to clear my mind and get out of my head. I use to not consider myself a runner because I’m slower than most. So It has taken me a long time to even say out loud that I run. Out of a fear of being shamed by others since my pace is between 14-15. My dream is to run the Dopey at marathon weekend at Disney. It is 48.6 miles over 4 days (5k, 10K, half and full marathon) running and training will help me accomplish this. I also want to inspire others who look like me to run. I’m a plus size girl and I hear a lot of women say they can’t do it because of that. And I want them to know they can. 

I would love to be accepted into the ARC Program because I believe the program would be a great step in helping me reach my goals.  I believe the ARC team will help me build my stamina to run longer distances, learn more techniques to keep me running at any age and get consistent.  I believe everyone at ARC knows how important positive motivation is.  I have overcome a lot (including injuries and numerous surgeries)and I feel proud about that.   You would think it would have given me a spirit of defeat, but it has been just the opposite.  It has made me want it even more.  It allows me to be support to someone who has or is going through what I've been through and I can let them know you can make it. I do not have the financial means to afford a program like ARC. I am so excited about the opporunity to build my strength as a runner and to also be reminded that even though I’m slow or a back of the packer, I’m still a runner.

Support Lolita in her runnning journey through ARC.

Lolita Bryant, Smyrna, TN

I want to join A.R.C. to take my running to the next level in order to provide education and empowerment to ladies of BGRNASHVILLE who are African Women in low income areas once COVID is over or manageable.  I want to meet people where they are to assist with decreasing health disparities in the African community by empowering ladies to eat properly and move their bodies. 

For me, on some days running is my therapy a time alone where I lay everything out on the pavement. Other times it social running with a friend or the joy of crossing the finish line and be in awe of what my body just did.

In the past I could not financially afford a $100.00 plus half marathon training program. Once I could afford (I guess putting on my credit card means I can afford), I was the only African American in my group and often times did not feel welcomed. The training was always held in an area of town that is considered upper income. The majority of ladies knew each other and I did not feel welcomed. Sometimes I would be the eldest in the group and did not feel embraced.

I would also really like to focus on improved cardiovascular health, improved blood pressure, increased bone density, reduced cholesterol and increased energy.

I aspire to be an agent for change in my community that community that looks like me. I want to provide hope, empowerment and inspiration to women who don’t think they are runners. I would like to continue to learn the best way/form to run so that I can train others to do the same. I want to provide resources so that the running community is not looked upon as an elite community but an all-inclusive community.

Support Niambi in her runnning journey through ARC.

Niambi Lewis, Elk Grove, CA

I used to run 3-4 miles at least 3 times a week, and a long run if at least 8 miles at around a 13 minute mile. I had gotten down to around 12, even at my most fit could not break a 3 hour half. I’m applying to A.R.C. because now I'm mostly walking and wanting to run again.

Honestly, I just want to be able to keep presenting the best me to everyone I come in contact with. I'd love to eventually complete a full marathon. I’d also like to work on improved sleep, improved stress management and weight management through running. I want to continue to make my family proud my working to achieve equity in our world.

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