We offer four key components to help promote success with running.

ARC has identified four key components, all backed by research, which help improve success with running.

Components include:

  1. Online, individualized running coaching which helps improve performance and provide structure.
  2. Virtual physical therapy which prevents/treat injuries and pain symptoms to help participants stay strong, committed, and pain free.
  3. Mentorship by a female athlete to help participants stay motivated (mentors range from Olympians to recreational runners).
  4. Mindfulness coaching to help participants set goals, stay present, and embrace grit/positivity; nutrition guidance is also provided.

Breakdown of the timeline for each cohort:

  1. Application window is announced.
  2. Applicants are selected based on a need and merit based scale and are notified of acceptance.
  3. Welcome email is sent with deadlines.  New participants can learn more about onboarding by clicking on the "New Participants" tab.
  4. Participants are individually matched with their online running coach, physical therapist and run coach.  Introductions are made. Individualized running training programs (based on each participant's individual running experience and comfort level) and physical therapy recommendations are communicated to applicants.
  5. The program begins and runs for eight weeks. Mindfulness challenges and nutrition guidance are also provided.
  6. Ongoing communication with the entire ARC team can be expected throughout the process to support each participant on their journey.
  7. Particpants celebrate their accomplishments and make plans to stay connected to the ARC community!!